Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st, 2012 ~ The Next 3 Days


What a beautiful day :) So, lets take a peek at what people have said that we could expect in the

 NEXT 3 DAYS .....


According to Judy Satori, from today (December 21st 2012) the ufos will start landing (the skies look empty to me) so much so, that governments will not be able to hide their existence (UPDATE: according to a FB friend thats listened to Judy on a radio show, she has now said the ships would arrive and land when the mass consciousness of the people was ready)

... Stephen Cooks vision says from today the Central Sun will come hooning into our earth to fill it, and us, with Light.

..... Santos Bonacci, says that from today we start making our cross over of the Galactic Plane :) (dunno how long this will take - its not like the galactic plane is the width of a piece of string ;) )

...... According to the Mayans, its the end date of their calendar ......... yes. Their CALENDAR (or cycle)

....... According to the doom and gloomsters, its the last of their lives.
.... Dolores Cannon says that during the next 3 days the earth will "split" into 5D and 3D

... Keisha Crowther stated in one of her earlier videos that we will experince 3 days of darkness (she later changed that to 30 hours of darkness for some reason)
... Others say that, around this time, many people will simply "disappear" as they "ascend"

.... according to Tolecs older videos, we should have seen Nihohia, Tekoma and a second sun in our skies by now
...... and apparently our Akashic Records Hall will be open for those who choose to view their Souls Blueprints
..... and we also have an 8 minute window as to when The Light comes in to the earth.
.... also, some astrologers say that with the high vibrational energy that is to come over the next 3 days, we could lose our power grids as it will disturb earths magnetic field AND our own.
This following video is an exercise you can do to clear your personal magnetic field and I highly recommend it. The girls and I did it at 2am out on the grass this morning - yep, even the kids arent sleeping. The energy built from this exercise is absolutely incredible :) I can really feel it after 5 minutes - spectacular stuff! and I intend to use this over the next few years also <3
Meanwhile, as the world slowly ALL comes into December 21st, 2012, ceremonies will be taking place ALL OVER THE GLOBE, from the aboriginals in Cairns to sound healings at Mt Shasta in California and of course, The Mayans in the Guatemalan temple <3

Some ceremonies taking place today from every corner of the globe, will be done to activate DNA, crystals, spiritual, ascension, transformation, pole shifts, dimensions, pineal glands, chakras, crystalline grids, and I could go on and on .... you name it, its probably happening :)
Can you imagine the ENERGY that will be created just from the ceremonies alone? ........ Sensational <3

There are so many people with so many "stories" about what will happen over the next 3 days ...... but do you know who Im beginning to trust more and more ? ............ ......................................................................

........................ Inner Me ................................................. :)
Take a moment. Be still. Calm your mind chatter. Breathe. ....... and see what comes to you. ......
Trust YOUR Inner Guidance - we have it for a reason so just go with it and Know, that ALL is as it should be right Now
If you feel tired - sleep
If you feel hungry - eat
If you feel like painting - paint
If you feel like hugging a tree - hug a tree
Its definitly not rocket science <3

So here I Am - I certainly Am - and I Am simply going with The Flow of whatever may happen in this glorious moment of incoming, swirling, Divine energy. I Am happy. I Am playing with my family. I Am peaceful and I Am Love xxxxx
Buckle up people, remain in your heart space, and InJoy The Ride ~ Speak soon xx Much Love xx Kelly
oh and PS: Here is Tom Lescher with his latest Pele report - I HIGHLY recommend it. I think this is the BEST explanation of the next 3 days so far, than from any other outside Source because it resonates within me - and you will discover what resonates within YOU xxx
and remember ....... its ALL good :)
And this is for all my facebook friends near and far - its simply awesome how we all come together from all over the globe and share our feelings and love with one another - I love you all xox _ for you
 and some more pictures that have been shared around facebook ;)


Monday, December 17, 2012

My 2012 In Review

Wow! What an incredible year this 2012 has been. I write this on 17th December, 2012, only 5 days away from the big "date" that so many have come to either love, or fear .... but to me, its just a "date" on a calendar.

I remember as a small child, my parents would take me to the beach and the cloudless sky would be a beautiful dark blue as a bright yellow sun hung up above. I wish my children could have seen that spectacular sight. Today, I look outside at the changes that have been quietly occuring over the years, the nature changes. The sky is now a pale light blue and the sun, well, its white. This is still very beautiful, and also very different from when I was a child.
These past 2 years, as sure as the sky and the sun have changed, I have also seen global protests via Youtube taking place, and I have heard talk of reptillians and other worlds, stories of underground reptillian bases being destroyed, channellers coming out with some messages that years ago, would have seemed like fairy tales. Mass sightings of ufos on Youtube from all around the world have been filmed along with crop circles that seem to pop up over night. I have not seen a ufo or crop circle in real life myself, but I do believe they exist.
I have heard of CEO's from big banking cartel resign, some politicians resigning as well, and the entire government of Iceland resigning. New free technologies emerge online along with hundreds of natural cures for cancer, many still considered illegal by government. Bombings, gun shootings, stabbings and main stream media sharing everything negative that they possibly can with the public. I have also heard of "actors" that are paid to appear in "news worthy stories". Even some journalists have resigned as they no longer choose to represent the lies and fears being presented to the public.

Online news shares apologies from military, governments and churches of state about child abuse. Global groups have been formed for worldwide meditation gatherings to help ease the pain and hurt of mother earth and humanity. I have seen pictures online and heard of lakes and waterways turning red, fish, starfish, whales and dolphins being found in massive numbers washed up on beaches along with hundreds and hundreds of birds falling from the skies all around the globe.
There have been booming earth sounds recorded online for others to listen to - and I have been fortunate enough to hear one of these in person. Such an unexplained sound like I had never ever heard in this lifetime
I have learned about vibration and healing and meditation that has been scientifically proven with vibration measuring instruments, to calm wars and terrors. People are doing it everywhere. New terms have come to my ears - "Lightworkers" "Golden Age" "Ascended Masters" "Star Family" and the like.
I have seen men argue about global warming and how it is all made up. According to some, we are simply going through the natural cycle of things as we have done for thousands upon thousands of years.
I have witnessed, first hand, the "inland tsunami" that burst open the rivers through my town and swallowed bridges,cars and washed out onto farmland.
I have learned of HAARP, Indigo and Crystalline children, fluoride, grounding, chakras, auras, FEMA camps, dimensions, ether, chemtrails, patterns on google earth, the Kings Chamber, Pyramids, heirogliphs, the Mayan calendar, GMO, vaccinations, 12 strands of DNA, etheric bodies, star families, photon belt, earths core, hollow earth, hollow moon, ley lines, electromagnetic fields,Timewave Zero, days of darkness, the 13 crystal skulls, MAX, ascension, desension, solar flares, eclipses, CME's and our changing sun, pineal gland, alpha waves, beta waves, frequencies, vibrations, sunspots, solar system changes on other planets, organic foods, earths crust, core, mantels, lava tubes, schooling systems, monetary systems, banking systems, governmental corporations, birth certificate corporations, underground shelters, seed storage under mountains, planetary alignment, galactic plane, drones, homeland security, the "all seeing eye", Rothchilds, Rockerfellas and Morgans, soul less humans, brainwashing tv, subliminal suggestions, shifting poles, ascension symptoms, human sacrifice and rituals, royal bloodlines, synthetic light versus organic light, tektonic plates, earthquakes, volcano's, prophecies from many cultures, symbolism, astrology, astronomy, numerology, teleportation, telepathy, angels, repetitive number sequences, light and dark energies, cabal, illuminati, synchronicities and so much more. I have also had to learn of discernment!


Now I sit here, as an adult, and looking back on this list, I am fascinated with the amount of things I have become aware of over such a short period of time. I know it has been like this for many people - this full on learning curve - such a delicious journey.
For me, it was like an inner passion had taken over. An overwhelming desire to learn more and more as one thing led to another and another and another. This thirst for knowledge had never happened to me before on such a consistent and enormous scale. I Am Awake.
I have also had moments of "vision" as if a movie plays right in front of me while I am wide awake. I had a vision one day on the edge of my bed. It seemed to last for a long time but the clock told me it was only just a moment. I saw the veil of our worlds. Noise and panic on one side, and on the other, peace. A meadow actually, where peace and love glowed in all Its glory.
Another time, I was looking out over the expansive range of the 700 metre high Darling Downs. Right in front of my "eyes", on the land way below me, I saw the land crack and pull apart for many many miles. It had to be.
These were just 2 visions I have had. The feeling attached to them were of magnificence, glory and divinity.

Over the past 2 years I have started seeing prana, or Chi in the sky. My husband and both children and I have also seen orbs of light and dark shadows that move on their own. These mainly took place in our very active hallway for some reason. Nothing to fear though. It just is. And thats ok. I have seen my bedroom wall wobble like liquid and have felt the presence of "other people" around me often. I feel negative energy and positive energy. I need only look at a person and realise what they are emitting. I embrace them all. The good and the bad for I know, that I have also helped to co create every miniscule moment within this human experience.
And now here I am. Smiling with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds. No fear. Just a quiet joy and peace.
I believe that things have been changing for many years now, and will continue to change in the years that follow. Yes, there are more dates on the calendar after December 21st 2012 :) Our sun IS changing and this IS causing a very active planetary shift in the consciousness and physicality of humanity, earth and the entire solar system. People ARE becoming more aware. Humanity is realising that it can no longer continue on the path that it has done so for thousands of years. A path of the sleep walker bathed in materialistic possesions and duality. Ignorance is NOT bliss. However, there is still much more INNER work to be done for many of us.
I am not angry. I have done all of that. I am not scared. I have done all of that too.
I believe that December 21st IS the end of a cycle ....... and from December 22nd onward begins a new cycle. Nothing will happen overnight though. We still have a way to go but just look around you. Things ARE changing. Truths ARE coming out. Consciousness IS shifting ..... as is Mother Earth and everything else in our solar system. I believe that I will see, with my own eyes, some ufos in my current lifetime. I also believe that I will see many "systems" crumble and fall away as a relief washes over humanity. Free energy, free living, sovereignity, and land changes that the imagination cannot even fathom.
I remain quietly excited for all that has gone before me, and for all that will follow over the years to come but mostly, I am excited for my Now.
In my Now, I Am. There is no good, no evil, no ups, no downs. It just "Is" and so I continue to glow from my inside, out. I see the world in all her beauty and magnificence. The weather, the people, the games, this grand unfolding - it just is - and all is as it should be.
Smile :) Be happy :) We're finally breaking free from thousands of years of going in a circle of duality - the circle is now opening to make way for a new path for those of us that choose .......... use your Now moments wisely because when you realise the power that you posess within, oh boy, the Inner Knowing, the Divine Order ......... We look around and see what is ..... meanwhile, with our Now moments, we are creating a NEW "what is"
Just allow the current "what is" to unfold and remember,
Its ALL good ;)

Much Love xox ~ Kelly


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Will Earth expand between 20th - 22nd December 2012?

Heres another theory to add to the list about December 21st 2012, A very inspirational and uplifting theory ;)

I just read an absolutely brilliant message! A man, Stephen, speaks of the earth expanding around Dec 20 - 22nd 2012 - Literally, expanding to 10 times the size it is now, as it fills with a glorious Light from our central sun. I found this very inspirational as he explained absolutely everything he saw.

This made me think of one of the Maori prophets I saw a few years ago. She said that "the lands will rise" - Sure, people that currently own waterfront retreats will no longer be on the waterfront but Im sure they'll get over it ;) They will be inland as new lands rise.

If you take a look at google earth, you can even see the land mass under the ocean around New Zealand (for example)

Another thing comes to mind ....... for Earth to be 10 times larger, wow, that would be a pretty big planet. I remember seeing a video of our planets and we are sooooo tiny in comparisson to some.

Anyway, heres Stephens inspiring vision of "around" December 20th - 22nd

And here are the current sizes of the planets, suns and stars that we know of (Theres bigger stuff out there)

Que sera, sera ♥

Oops, and synchronistically, I have just come across this: and how the earth is expanding (I didnt read it all but you might like a look)
Either way, after the 21st of December ......... comes the 22nd ;)
Hang in their peeps. Love in the heart and smile in every step forward. YeeeeHa! Catchya later xox
~ Kel

Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/12/12 Meditation Events

Here are 3 meditation events that you could participate in on 12/12/12, if you so choose

Here is a time zone converter to get the correct time for your country

the first one

12/12/12 ~ 3pm QLD, Australia time ~ projecting love, peace and joy into Mother Earth ♥ I will be doing my part in Love ♥ More info here:

the second one

12/12/12 ~ 12:12 your local time (am or pm - up to you I guess)

I'll be doing my part in this one too ♥

Join us on this sacred day as we link-in through the Unity Grid of Divine Love as One Unified Cosmic Heart

~ 12h12 your local time ~

You Tube video


the third one

12/12/12 ~ 10:30pm QLD Australia time ~ smile and send love :)

Yep, I'll be in this too :) Boy o Boy, I've got an awesome Wednesday lined up ♥

mp3 audios will be available on the day for this particular meditation here:

But for now, heres a quick 4 minute video to explain it :)
I'm sure there are loads more 12/12/12 meditations taking place so just google it if need be.
xox Peace

December 21st 2012, 3 Days, Judy Satori

I have just watched Judy Satori in her latest video.

She gave an explanation of feeling energy from the solar flares and how we are going thru energy from the Galactic Sun....

...and then she says some spinny words for a few seconds in a strange language - this is a calming thing for us.

From 18th Dec we may have alot of feelings and thoughts that do not belong to us. The energy will build very rapidly. She explains how to deal with these. The energy will build HOURLY and we will feel it!

She talks about the angle of the earth being altered to 33 degrees 3 days before the 21st - non catastrophic I might add ;)

We have volunteered to be right here, right now ♥ We are here to help many others find their way home ♥ Its been way too long ♥

We will be conduits to help ground the light as it enters. For those of us that can hold this vibration, we will be used ♥ Feet upon Mother xox

From 21st December - be with the ones you love.

In 3 cycles of 7 (21 years) todays babies will be older - they are evolved souls - and systems will change, new paradigms will be built ♥ Guide these babies of today with love and understanding - they are here to help our future and to lead us to the new way ♥ ~ Home ~ :)

Here is Judy's video

Peace xox

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 2012, New Energies, Galactic Plane, 2 Suns, Fear and Love, Vibration

This is such a positive and wonderful time to be living in ~ but then again, thats your choice :) 
This video is about December 2012, New Energies, Galactic Plane, 2 Suns, Fear and Love, Vibration 
Believe no thing. Question every thing. Go with in ...... or go with out. Its all a choice. InJoy your Game of Life xox
Much Love ~ Kelly

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creative Home Schooling

Think For Yourselves and Get Creative

Our Art Class With Our Home's Cool Community Group today proved to be a big hit with my girls.
As the children and parents were called in to sit on the grass under the tall gum trees, our lesson began.

Todays "teachers" were Damien and Rach from The Grid Play On Play Workshops in Toowoomba.

The kids had a wide range of boxes, beads, wool, strings, sparkles, papers, scissors, glues, spray paints, drawing stuffs .......... and a MYRIAD of free fallen supplies from Mother Nature Herself :)

The children were given the suggestion to make Christmas decorations. Not necessarily what is seen in the shops for sale, but they were encouraged to look "within" themselves and decide what THEY felt Christmas is all about. After they had decided on a feeling or a thought, they were free to unleash their creativity, gathering fallen leaves and twisted bark and seeds and combining it with art supplies from inside.

Wow! It was an absolute blast! (yes, I had a play too - couldnt resist ;) and the turn out of artistic flair was absolutely awe inspiring. Well done kids and parents ~ and a big thanks to Ken and Susie for organising this and for Damien and Rach for helping us all tap into our creative potential <3


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Someone threw down their weapon today - a poem

The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service ~ Albert Einstein


Someone threw down their weapon today.
They said "no more", and walked away.
A tear was shed and a smile was had
as the person said quietly, "no more bad"
This happened eight thousand miles away
As I sat in my home on this warm Summers day
And I sent out an energy, born of pure love
From Australia to Israel, through heavens above.
Someone threw down their weapon today
As vibrational energies flowed their way
And they opened their eyes and they felt with their heart
And decided today, they would make a new start
And this person, though eight thousand miles away,
Touched another with beautiful words he did say:
"A thought I just had said theres no need to fight
I've been told I must shoot and it doesn't feel right
So I'm walking away from this blood and this fear
And I hope you will join me right now, right here"
And he held out his hand for the person to take
They gazed at each other as around them did shake
And the second man saw in his good friends eyes
That the killings bred only more hate and more lies
So another gun fell as the two men held hands
And they smiled and nodded, their actions felt grand
Then ANOTHER man saw them, the message was shared
From one man to another, all life must be spared
Regardless of where you might live on this Earth
A vibration of Love helps us realise our worth
We are brothers and sisters that may be worlds apart
May we step into Love and ALL live from the Heart
Do what "feels" good, live a passionate life
Put your focus on joy, not on worry or strife
From the hearts in the Earth, from my Soul and above
From Australia, I send you, Dear Reader - Much Love
written by Kelly Flack ~ 18th November 2012 - Peace

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Strange Earth Sound Near Toowoomba

Last night, on 10/11/12 (10 November), at 11:45pm, we heard a VERY strange sound. Anyone else?

We are just outside of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. If you can imagine a very large cow skin Indian drum, being pounded once, it sounded like that with 5 "echoes" after the initial BOOM.

I imagine a rock being thrown into a lake, BOOM, and ripples wave outward.

My husband and I looked at each other as we lay in bed and said "WHAT was that?" It was a sound we have never heard before and a vibration we had never experienced. There was not one location that we could pinpoint the sound to. It was "everywhere" and resonated from the earth herself.

This morning, I rang the police station to see if any reports were filed last night about the strange loud BOOM that we heard. Nothing. But then the police lady goes on to say that she has heard a similar thing in the past and its mind boggling - sounded like it was coming from the earth ..... yep, thats the one alright! Curiouser and curiouser ........

My daughter and I decided to do some more research. We knocked on a few doors around our street to ask about this loud BOOM last night. Interesting! Next door was asleep but said her dog was acting strange all that day, hiding under furniture etc. The kids across the road heard the boom as did the man up the road. A lady down the road was woken by the vibration of it!

I have checked Geoscience Australia and Live earthquake maps but there is nothing. Zero. Zip, Nada. Hmmmmm........... Fascinating :)

Just thought this was worth mentioning is all xxx Be safe ~ Kel



Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our 1st Global Love Letter Deliveries

We had written up some Global Love Letters ( as shown in this previous post ), and what better way to START our very first deliveries of GLOBAL love letters then in

Two different countries
Over one day
At two International Airports
So anyone and everyone
From anywhere and everywhere
around our magnificent planet

could pick up a Global Love Letter for themselves and share the love :)

It was October 15th, 2012, a few weeks ago, and my little family and I, headed to Brisbane International Airport. While we were waiting for our flight, we dropped some Global Love Letters for fellow travellers to find. We couldn't photogrpah every drop as this is an annonymous mission ;)

The first drop that we could take a photo of, was on our international flight in the fold out food tray :)

Letters were also dropped at Rotorua ........
..... Warkworth ........

.......... Auckland Musem .......

 and Whangarei :)

just to name a few places :)

And, since we would only be in New Zealand for 16 days, we left love letters everywhere we went and covered over half of the North Island of New Zealand, between Whangarei and Palmerston North - with Love <3

Now we are back home in Australia ...... time to start delivering the love here too :) Pen and paper out ....  and so the Love Train continues......

All Aboard


Monday, October 8, 2012

Global Love Letter Movement

Today, the kids and I have joined the Global Love Letter Movement.

We have learned that people from ALL over the globe, are writing anonymous love letters and delivering them to all kinds of wonderful places in all kinds of wonderful ways.

As we decorated our envelopes with love hearts and the words "For You", we then put pen to paper and allowed the words to flow, straight from our hearts, to whoever might find the letters.

Here are a few pictures of the letters that we have created today

When we had finished writing, we all read our letters to each other. I got a bit "teary" ~ in a good way ~ as my soul had been seemingly touched with a gentle warmth from the words (and the loving energies) of my children.

 I can only imagine what the receiver of a love letter would feel. Perhaps an overwhelming feeling of utter joy and deep respect for humanity, and absolute love. That's what I felt anyway, as my kids read. Consciousness certainly is shifting, and what better way to help the expansion of LOVE, then a Global anonymous Love Letter, straight from your heart, to another human being <3 Ahhhh, here I go again (tissues please) ~

See how this movement of Love is sweeping the globe and uplifting humanity ~ I hope you will come join us, and share your Love too xxx

Absolutely beautiful <3

I Love You

 PS: we will be delivering the love letters later in the week and will certainly post a follow up blog about it :) FuN :) and LoVe <3

UPDATE as of 11th/10/12 ~ We have not yet delivered our love letters but they will be delivered from the 15th Oct onwards. This is my eldest daughters idea and we will let you know ALL about it on November 1st :)  Even more letters have been written and Im so excited for Monday to come around so we can start dropping them ........ Yay :)