Monday, July 30, 2012

UFO's, London Olympics, Gosford Gliphs, Depression

I did remember what I was going to say so the 3 minute ending is below. Its about the bouts of depression that MANY people are now feeling and how we can learn to simply let it all go ......

I have learned many things about many things (illuminati etc) but I prefer to keep this particular story about the ufo's landing at the Olympics ..... to be a positive experience. Remain aware. Re-member, we are on this planet to FIX this planet - and in turn, evolve. Let's not go deserting Her in Her time of need xx

What ever unfolds on August 4th 2012, WILL unfold ....... and it will be what it will be <3 Keep safe all. Much Love xxx ~ Kelly
If you want to look at the negative stuff, just Google "Project Bluebeam" or "False Flag August 4th" or "Illuminati Olympics" or "Micah returns to confuse the unwary" or click here to listen to Tolec's video
Remember ~ what goes out ........ comes back! So be careful!

Click here to watch the video explaining emotions (depression) as "waves" ~ awesome video

Click here to read an article by Aluna Joy about the Gosford Glyphs

Click here to see a short factual documentary about the glyphs

Click here to watch a video about Australias Gympie pyramid

Click here to read about the Woy Woy glyphs

Click here to see Valerie Barrow channel at the Gosford Glyphs


Much Love :) Happy Days indeed xxx

Sunday, July 29, 2012

UFO Landings At London Olympic's 2012

Here's the information so far....

While I was going through all of this information, I like to remain POSITIVE! Hence, the excited positivity in my video - LOL - I have learned many things about many things (illuminati etc) but I prefer to keep this particular story about the ufo's landing at the Olympics  ..... to be a positive experience. Remain aware. Re-member, we are on this planet to FIX this planet - and in turn, evolve. Let's not go deserting Her in Her time of need xx

What ever unfolds on August 4th 2012, WILL unfold ....... and it will be what it will be <3 Keep safe all. Much Love xxx ~ Kelly

Wahoooooo! InJoy this Ride!

In the one of latest crop circles pictures (as above) we see a "stop" - Could this be August 4th 2012 where full contact is to be made?

The above picture is as I mentioned on the video. See the ufo top left.


The video below has been taken by Youtube user BigBadHally. Check it out.

Click here to read England Newspaper records UFO over Olympic Park

Click here to listen to the 3 hour blog talk radio show with Cosmic Vision News on this subject

Click here to read the text that was sent to me on Facebook
If you are NOT a Facebook user and connot read the text, I have copy/pasted the entire text in the comments below on this blog! It is not my writing. It was found on facebook. Its a VERY exciting read!

As of 30th July, new information has come to light - click here to see it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 2012 Ascension Symptoms

My Ascension Symptom Update For July 2012

Click here to read the ascension symptoms pdf from Lisa Harrison

and if you missed it, click here for more information on ascension symptoms

Take care of you - will look for that photo I  mentioned later on so check back in a few hours :)

xxx ~ Kelly

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Colorado Batman Shootings

The One Question On Many People's Minds .....

With everything thats happening in the world today and all of these "Truths" coming out, one question many of us have after these shootings took place in July 2012 is

Was this a set up by government agencies to get US citizens to comply with the new incoming gun laws?

Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

Learn more:

Second Operative Got Call to Open Colorado Theater Door for Shooter

2nd Colorado Suspect: Indian Male - Where Have We Heard This Before?

DARPA Neuroscience Research And The Batman Massacre: James Holmes Father Linked To DARPA!
Learn more: Click here

Was Colorado Shooting Staged By The Government?

Did these people die due to a set up to ban guns in America?

Heres the Australian version of it!

 Port Arthur Massacre Setup - False flag to ban guns in Australia

YOU decide!

Keep safe everyone xxx

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sustainable Developmet

What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable Development - they sound like 2 wonderful words that will certainly help out humanity. Let's take a closer look at what "Sustainable Development" means.

Hmmmm, maybe next time we hear the words "sustainable development" , we'll think differently :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Contribution To Lessen Overpriced Bullshet!

Money, money, money!

If you've read some of my stuff already, you'll know I'm not a big fan of doing things "the hard way". Almost everything is rediculously overpriced these days - even the basics such as food  and shelter - simply ludicrous. These are the basics for humanity to live, at least, comfortably.

But NO ..... mortgages are through the roof and the paperwork in itself to even get a mortgage is just laughable. When you have the house, here in Australia, you can't even do anything with it (extensions etc) unless you get "permission" from the council - "shelter" is so overpriced and many houses remain vacant due to forclosure or some other reason and my point is:

we have vacant houses AND homeless people!
Hello? Bloody governments!

What about food? Oh man, don't even get me STARTED on food! Almost everything on the supermarket shelves nowdays is either in plastic bags or foods in tins. As for "fresh" vegetables and fruits, most contain residue of pesticides and herbicides and some are even genetically modified. If you dont know what that means, look up GMO's! Bloody governments!

As for me and my family - sure, we have a roof over our heads. Its not a mansion but it is very much a Home. We've filled it with love and laughter and live life simply. We pay our mortgage - our ingrained belief is that "we always have enough" - and with law of attraction, so it is.

Our family has two chickens that roam the backyard. They lay us 2 eggs every day :) Our 2 adorable dogs are wonderful teachers and also provide us with affectionate cuddles. We also have a vegetable patch WITHOUT pesticides and herbicides sprayed on them and we have an apple tree. Of course we still go to the shop and buy supplies when needed. We can do this. Some can't.

At the moment, I am unable to help, hands on, with building shelters for the homeless (I'm expanding my vibrational belief system though so anythings possible :) I also cannot walk up to food producers and tell them to take all of the crap out foods (even though I have tried and I continue working on it) ..... What I CAN do, is help you to get online without the overpriced BS!

There are MANY things that I am passionate about and I have found the BEST way to share these passions and ideas of mine is to blurt it all out online for the whole world to see :)

There's no more hiding our Inner Essence during this revolution of consciousness

I'm talking about building a website just for YOU and YOUR ideas and passions! I know, its not food, its not shelter, but its a start for you to venture out there into the world of great possibilities. Share your thoughts about homelessness, organic foods, government policies, vaccinations, hobbies, passions, anything you can think of

whatever you want!

And since I'm so fed up of the overpriced bullshet, I'm not charging thousands of dollars (like some companies and people do). Im not even charging hundreds of dollars! Not even 50 bucks!

My service is only $47 AND if you don't like what I build for you, then you don't even have to pay!

It's time to share your voice - regardless of what the subject may be. Get your passions OUT THERE and let's make YOUR mark on the world xxx

Much Love to you
~ Kelly


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Corrupt Banks, Vatican, Queen, Big Pharma and Lawsuits

Here We Go........

Exposing Truth and Pulling Down The Old Paradigm :)

Boy O Boy, these sure are exciting times to be living in!  I heard once that from 2012 and beyond, we will be shown many, many truths - and many will be so very shocked to the core!

I reckon this is the beginning of the release of many truths to come!

Just imagine when all is publicly revealed about the educations systems, working systems, vaccinations, chemtrails, religious systems, oh, the list goes on and on and on...... 

And so it begins

The biggest financial scam in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD has just been revealed - Its time to start paying attention everyone! 

It's over for the banking cabal. 4.jul.2012 

Rev Kevin Annett: Historic Federal Lawsuit against Vatican, UK Queen, Big Pharma et al. 

And heres a favourite of mine about the schooling systems :)

Buckle up and enjoy the Ride xxxx Much Love to you

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Zealand, Rotorua, On A Budget

Here we are, planning a trip to Rotorua later this year and I've come across a VERY cheap way to do it! So, once again, I share what I find :)

It all started with looking at flights from Brisbane, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. I found a cheap flight through Jet Abroad and I highly recommend them and their prices :)

One thing I learned, to visit some countries, you may need to have at least 6 months remaining on your passport when you return. This is NOT the case with travelling between Australia and New Zealand. The flight centre thought it was BUT the NZ High commission and Australia Immigration says otherwise. As long as we have a valid passport, we're good to go :) Nevermind the 6 month thing. Just thought I'd mention that!

Next we looked into buses from Auckland to Rotorua and return. The trip would take 3 hours and 30 min at $27 per person to get there and $27 return. There will be 4 of us travelling so we have opted to get a car instead.

Surprisingly, the car hire will be only $32 a day (they also have some for $15 a day ut we need room for our backpacks!), so we booked one for 5 days so we can travel around Rotorua at our leisure. This price includes insurance and roadside assist but you got to pay for petrol. I hear its around $2 a litre in NZ. Hmmmm... Check the cars out here with ACE rentals :)

Accommodation in Rotorua is plentiful from backpackers to hotels, lodges and apartments. Here is a really CHEAP place to find accommodation and book it at a discounted rate!  This accommodation site is EASY to use and simple to understand.

I plan on blogging about our travels with lots of photos and more prices of activities that we went to etc ....... but we've got a few more months to go yet :)

Bugger the earthquakes. Bugger the conspiracy theories. Book, book, book and go, go, go ! You only live once (til next time ;)