Thursday, August 30, 2012

December 2012, Aboriginal, Maori, Sioux, Hopi, Mayan

December 2012 ~ Will it happen?
To me, these are other peoples "descriptions" of what COULD happen (not necessarily WILL happen) I'm just fascinated that so many from all around the entire planet have come up with similar "stories" xox Peace :)  
Click here to see the video tips for empaths and highly sensitive people  
Glyphs affirm Pleiadian ETs as originators of homo sapiens as Australian Aboriginal - Steve Strong
The Maori legend of Rangi and Papa (New Zealand)
Sioux Chief Speaks About Star People/White Buffalo Calf Woman 1/2 
Keisha Crowther (Little Grandmother) speaks on 2012
Just google Keisha Crowther for loads more videos

Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Constellation In the Sky ~ August 2012

People, worldwide,  sharing their recent experiences of the triangles in the sky

At the very beginning of this talk, they tell us that the new constellation that has shown up in the sky is not a constellation but a large group of mother ships. They talk for a while about the new yahoo group and they mention that Archangel Michael asked for the "safe" group to be set up so yahoo is it ~  I couldn't help but laugh! So far, my bullshit radar is on ..... bit I'll keep listening for a bit longer and see what happens (and see if my vibe changes to get some kind of resonance) ......

Around the 23 minute mark, they finally stop talking about the yahoo group and start getting back on topic ...... here we go ......

Steven Cook from Australia comes on and talks about seeing the 3 separate stars in Sydney, forming a triangle, was actually a 150 mile wide ship (getting interesting now) The next night, the stars had moved elsewhere.

Sierra talks about the same thing but seeing it from her country in USA. South west from northern Arizona. She put on het star tracker iPhone app and nothing registered! The next night, the stars had moved elsewhere.

tells us that he saw the star triangle and got out his binoculars to take a closer look. inside the triangle, was total black but on the outside of the triangle, was stars.

Pat from Perth, Western Australia also saw the triangle.  She talks about seeing a lot of cloudships in the day time and her overwhelming feeling of joy.

Alan from central California sees the south west sky over the pacific ocean, and has also seen the 3 stars (ship). Twinkly pulsating red blue stars. The next night, the stars had moved elsewhere. Alan reads aloud what Ashtar said about leaving the joys of the Olympic closing ceremony to us humans. There are various ships making themselves known as part of a subtle reality. Look to the east/north east sky between 12 and 1 o'clock and see an egg shaped ship (didn't say am or pm) apparently these are ships from Andromeda.

North West of Detroit, Colleen tells of what she has seen, several triangles and boomerangs in the skies. They appear above her apartment and are growing in numbers. Sometimes they shift from north south east west and when they do, they shift as a group.

Cindy from the island of Bermuda is not accustomed to seeing mother ships but she looks at the sky often. Looking due west, she notices a star system moving into the position of a triangle. On another day, Cindy looked up and sensed a hum coming off the shape in the sky and the absence of anything in the centre of the triangle really got her attention. The next night, it had moved to the right .... and on the left, appeared a BIGGER ship! South west ~ A Mother father ship - lol - another triangle, all black in between. Cindy feels the ships are helping us debug, from the hooks that we and society have put into us.

Michael in Northern Nevada, and his wife are avid star watchers and they noticed the triangle in the sky, this huge void in the sky - a mother ship - 150 miles across. This was in the west south west sky from Michaels place.

And then, from the 1 hour 18 minute mark, it gets really interesting ;)  But you'll have to listen in yourself because I've got some stars to check out and make communication with   ;)

From Sad To Happy Within 30 Minutes

How I Changed My Vibration

This morning I was lying in bed and awoke in sadness. I was thinking about the past and my Mum and if only this and if only that ..... I didn't want to get up. I didn't want to do anything. I was having my own personal "pity party" in my mind and I was the only one invited. Woe is me. Poor me .... and those kinds of things ..... tears slowly slid down the sides of my cheeks as I lay there quietly sobbing .....

After about a full on 10 minutes of "acting the victim" ~ I suddenly thought "nah, this is bullshit"! So I got up, put on the computer, and went to Facebook in search of something that could help me alter my vibration ...... and there it was ..... a video from Abraham Hicks that I had never seen before ....

Funnily enough, the video is entitled
" Abraham: WEIRD IS THE NEW NORMAL - Esther & Jerry Hicks  "

this brought a smile to my face. After absorbing the video, I watched another from Abe and then my day started to turn around. I've been out chopping wood and hanging washing  while Shayla cooked us a BBQ, Cori walked the chickens and Pete cleaned the car.

It's so beautiful out there. I took a break from wood chopping and sat on the log, took off my rubber soled shoes and placed my bare feet on the earth ....

Ahhh, she is so glorious ~ Mother Earth ~ My feet tingled as I made connection with her ..... Yes, I am glad for this day.

I could have stayed with the tears this morning and my day would have ended up alot different, but I made a conscious decision to change my vibration and boy O boy, I'm so glad I did :) and if you ever need to, now you know that you can too!

hehehe, happy days xxxx

Much Love xx Kel

Saturday, August 18, 2012

3 Sides To Each Story

Using Discernment

If a tree was to fall in the forest when no-one was looking, did it really happen?  Here we end up with 3 stories - Yours, mine and the tree's. So what do we believe?

We are being told more and more nowdays to use discernment because there are so many untruths flying around and we must go within, to see what resonates with us, in order for it to even begin to become a part of our own personal truth.

Apart from the tree, what about the Queen? Some say she is a wonderful woman with a glorious aura - others say she stems from a bloodline of reptillians and has taken part in child abduction. What do we believe.

How about ET's. We've all heard the stories about them and once again, just like the tree and the Queen, we are left with 3 stories .... Yours, Mine and the actual person/thing involved.

Even if a magical spell was cast on the entire planet where everyone was made to speak only of truths ..... we still wouldn't have ONE truth for each story. Different people have different truths ...

so use discernment in everything you read online

Go within xxxx ~ Kelly

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Homeschooling Fun and Strict Government Rules!

Home's Cool

Today, 15th August 2012, we had our first ever funded activities day with our home schooling community. We usually go just to hang out with other families and play and laugh but today was different. Our little group finally got government funding so we're putting it to good use with an activities day once a month.

4 activities were on offer for all the kids and they could pick which one they wanted to attend. There was Graffiti Art ~ Textiles ~ Drama ~ Science

The classes were outside in the fresh air under the trees and the blue skies :) No walls for homeschoolers ;)

The first session went from 10am - 11:30am

For her first session, Cori choose drama and the "teacher" was Dan. The group played out a variety of games involving big dramatic movements and communicating with each other. Oh the laughter and the smiles :)

Shayla choose textiles and was taught how to make a "rug" with wool, odd bits of materiels and tools. Shayla is still working on her project as there is alot of work involved with each strand. Here is what she has made so far :)

After that, we had a gluten free sausage sizzle :) YUmBo!

And then the 2nd sessions started (12 - 1:30) where both Shay and Cori did "science" with Graeme.First Graeme did the theory side of things and taught the kids about weight, joules, newtons (and funnily enough he used apples ) Heres the big catapult

and here are the ones the kids made. They got to shoot marshmellows at a bullseye and then eat the marshmellow. A little boy wanted MORE to eat and then the kids learned about how much sugar the marshmellows contained and that sugar is actually a poison because it has been depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals.

Graeme talked about NOT using the catapult to shoot anything else! A marshmellow is the safest thing to use because it's soft and won't do any damage ;) 

As I was making my way between the girls and their various activities, I got to talking with some adults along the way. One of the ladies has been studying the different types of home schooling requirements for different states within Australia and here in Queensland, the guidelines we are MADE to follow are just rediculous! I absolutely agree, which is why I was hesitant in registering my girls in the first place ~ but I HAD to! It was either register them with the Home Schooling Unit OR have a visit from police and a possible court appearance.

However, in the state of Victoria, all parents have to do is sign a piece of paper that says "I take full responsibility for the education of my child"

and that's that! (but no, we dont want to move to Victoria ;)

Needless to say, many from our home schooling group are getting together to help the Queensland Educational systems try to understand that there has GOT to be a better way rather than using the system of compliance that they currently have in place.

After checking on the kids and helping out, I walked again and met a new lady that was just thinking of doing home schooling with her 7 year old son. Her son has long blonde hair and gets bullied at school because of it. He had 6 days off out of 10 and when he returned, that very week at the assembly hall, the entire school was told that if any student has more than 3 days off in a row without a reasonable explanation, the police will be called!

Now if that doesn't sound like a controlled environment .... I don't know what is!

We LOVE home education. Sure, there were dramas filling out the forms to register, letting them know EVERYTHING the government wanted to know .... but now , Sooo much fun, and the best part is, I didn't have to correspond with the Home Ed people for another 10 months and then once a year :) (I think my 10 months is fast approaching :( O well, it's better than having my kids in an institution being dumbed down to conform to a herd mentality !

INJoy xxxxx

Channelling, Intuition, Messges

My 10 year old daughter's first message:

Last night, after I logged off the computer, Cori was running around the house saying "quick Mum, I need a pen and paper, somethings coming" ...... I didn't know what was going on. Cori sat down and the following words flowed out of her hand and onto the paper:

"Dont be afraid of what will happen. Life will give what it will give but in the mean time, we will help you sometime. We dont have a date. The universe will pick it's time. You and everyone in the world will help somehow."
Cori is 10 years old ~ she wrote fast .... not even thinking about the words.

Way to go babe xxxxx I love you xxx Mum

Monday, August 13, 2012

Are we already in the 5th dimension? How do we tell the difference?

Living in the 5th dimension

In this video with Steve Rother, he talks about

Our heightened state of Creation and how manifestation is taking place more quickly.
 Our relationship with time and space and how the days seem to be flying past so very fast. 

Steve spoke of our grandparents and how, in their day, they use to say "work hard". And that way of thinking, that paradigm, worked very well for them. However, in our parents day, "work hard" didn't take too well so they changed the paradigm again to "work smart" ...... and now here we are ~ in OUR day .... and our new paradigm is "work passionate"

I can only imagine the new paradigm our children will create ~ "work together"

We have moved from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension in the following ways, and if you take a closer look, you will see how

From a survival motivation to seeking unity
From linear time to NOW time
From good/bad right/wrong to cause and effect
From a place of judgement to a place of discernment
From unconsciousness organized hierarchy to conscious connection, walking with Spirit
From lack, sacrifice and guilt to joy, passion and abundance
From relationships to relationshifts

According to Steve, we will soon see governments change to be the servents we need them to be ~ to serve us and help us. This second wave (us) no longer needs leaders. When we listen within, we lead oursleves.

More of us are now able to connect to our higher selves either by way of intuition or channelling and this is how we get different flavours of the same truth.

Enjoy Steve Rother in his video below xxx Namaste ~ Kelly

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Making Damper and Lake Atkinson Dam Camping

August 2012

Lake Atkinson was beautiful. We set up camp and enjoyed the water and scenery and the abundance of bird life - a bird watchers paradise. The lake was graced with a water skiier and 2 on a jet ski. They were fun to watch :)

The sunset was magnificent. It was a Thursday and we only had one other lot of campers on the other side of the camping area. Nicely mowed lawns, toilet block was ok - could have done with a sweep out and cobweb clean but working loos nonetheless :) Lots of bins for rubbish - clean grounds.

On site gas BBQs and plenty of tables and chairs. Camp fires had to be within 2 metres of the shoreline which was fine by us :)

Our little old dogs enjoyed it as well - they are regular campers with us.

We only got to stay one night because Mother Nature decided to throw a hissy fit - BIG time! The lake was like a crazy ocean with huge waves that washed up on shore. Here is a morning after shot.

 Camping trip cut short but the One one day we had at the lake was beautiful. Went to bed that night  at 9;30 pm and then at 10pm, Mother Nature kicked up a big ass wind! Scary. Camper was rockin' canvas shaking, zippers jingling. A few poles flew up so we were on deck hammering in more pegs. What a ripper of wind! It lasted until 3am .... and then we slept. 7am was nice so took the dogs for a walk around the lake and then 8am, the winds returned again. Have you ever tried to pack up a massive camper with annexe and walls during wind gusts of up to 70 klm per hour?

It was full on family team work! The kids were awesome helping us, sitting on things so they didnt blow away, packing pegs, holding poles down - far out! Now we are home sweet home as I nurse some swollen knuckles that I bashed whilst packing up!.

Saw smoke at Gatton on way home in the mountains. Dad just rang and the fires have spread to Laidley and with this wind STILL going on, God only knows how far the fires will get. Wind is on the news even interstate in NSW - holy moly. Thank God we're home safely ♥

Mother Nature may have caused us to cut our camping trip short, but our spirit remains in camping mode ~ got Billy, coals and camp oven out of the trailer. We've got a camp fire ring out the back yard but dont want to risk it in case the winds pick up again - that was waaaaay scary yesterday man! Lit the indoor fire (may as well warm the house up too :) and heating coals in that then will transfer out the front yard (no wind :) and cook in the camp pot oven. Girls kneaded the damper dough ♥ and will light the fire soon, heat the coals and make a damper! Whoop whoop :)

First of all, get a nice fire going and heat your coal beads. We played it safe with an indoor fire - had enough of that wind for a while!

Knead your damper dough - or in this case, have fun playing around with it first - Oh the joys of homeschooling ;)

When using a camp oven, remember the RULE OF THREE for coal beads.

For example:

12 inch camp oven
Beads on top: 12 + 3 = 15
Beads on bottom 12 - 3 = 9

14 inch camp oven
Beads on top: 14 + 3 = 15
Beads on bottom: 14 - 3 = 11

In our case, we have an

8 inch camp oven so we have used 11 beads on top and 5 beads on bottom

Here was our first check after 20 minutes of cooking but was still gooey dough in the middle

After another 20 minutes of cooking, (40 minutes in total) heres what we ended up with

Bon appetite  :)

Damper was LOVEly :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Day In Her Shoes ~ Schapelle Corby

A Day In Her Shoes ~ A Poem, by Kelly Flack

She was going through the motions, In order just to board that plane
Her excitement – overwhelming. To get to Bali, sun or rain
Like any person, oh so happy, Ever longing for a trip
Holidays with sunbaked moments, this is one she won’t forget!
For some person with no morals, played a card that wasn’t right
Put some drugs inside her baggage, now Schapelle must stand and fight
I sat and watched this on the tele, in the comfort of my home.
I saw Schapelle with all her family but her Spirit, stood alone.
This may be something she must go through. I don’t know why; I don’t dare ask
I’ve never even been to church before but it seems that God has set het task.
Maybe it’s to warn all others, to let us know “sometimes its bad”
Just to roll on with the punches – fight for happy times – not sad
For Schapelle, she holds a shimmer, in the twinkle of her eye
It shows strength with warmth and caring, and innocence that she holds high
Dear Schapelle, I do not know you – If anyone with half a heart
Can’t see your caring giving soul, I’d say, Step in her shoes, for a start
Then I’d ask them to imagine, planning a trip away from home
Holidays with treasured feelings, shared with loved ones – not alone.
Joyous  moments, get togethers, catching up – like Aussies do
Throw a snag upon the barbie, maybe have a drink or two.
And when they’re caught up in the moment, then I’d slam that bloody door
And say “you’re guilty of possession” and see if they don’t hit the floor!
How can tables turn so quickly when life just doesn’t give a pause?
Maybe Indonesian politics should find a better clause!

They show no common sense or logic. There’s strictly not a “feeling” there.
Don’t they WANT to strive for justice? Don’t they WANT to show they care?
You’ve been given a bad time slot – jail, up to twenty years
You may cringe and feel like dying, but please, wipe away your tears.
It’s OK to feel angry, frightened, frustrated, confused
Since you’re innocent, what goes around, must come on back round too!
Who ever put drugs in your luggage, I hope they’re trembling in fear
May they walk each day unhappy and know their judgement time is near
As for you – I’ll keep on praying – even though I don’t do church
But something “big” is always out there, and he forever values worth xx

Written  by Kelly Flack 

The video with evidence of the expendable, Schapelle Corby, by Australian politics!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Globalist End Game with David Icke

The Globalist End Game with David Icke 

There is a 56 minute video at the end of this page and this is what's in it:

Interview actually starts at the 3:27 mark. Icke talks about how we're IN this world but we're not OF this world in the way of the 5 senses and perception and how our "higher" senses have been silenced by manipulation and pre-programming.

Alex Jones and David Icke talk about how "junk" DNA is not junk at all. Also mention frequencies that many are vibrating at.
The movie: Prometheus - prepares us for whats to come. Hmmm. ... I havent seen that movie - looked freaky! Anyway, then they talk about how human genetics was manipulated to turn us into a slave race. When we consume chemicals in food/water/chemtrails etc we are absorbing a twisted vibrational energy form. In turn, this twisted energy interacts with our DNA and distorts what we see, as "reality" - yep, makes sense to me :)

Elites DNA is coded differently. They can absorb energy in a different way. eg: human fear is a wonderful energy for them - this is how they "feed" - It just goes to show that if we all decide to get our "happy vibes" on, they'll have nothing left to feed from  :)
The elite/illuminati create symbols eg: the all seeing eyes - that resonate energetically, in frequency terms - be aware of what you "give" your attention to! Icke talks about the Queens Diamond Jubilee and, of course, the London Olympics and the symbolism set out there for the entire planet to "see". Mental, emotional and physical control is all done by way of perception manipulation.
David Icke is gettng 11,000 people together, at Wembley stadium, on October27th  to counteract the energies being created via the Olympic games symbolism and vibrations. Click here for more details
Here is the video: InJoy xxx


My Day so far -3rd August 2012

The kids are covered in mud after re arranging the chook house (chicken coop). Gotta love Natural learning and home education .... They have dug out waterfall paths, made a mud deck for the chooks and added some new plants to the area. Phoebe (one of the chickens) is also covered in mud as she was helping the girls with the digging. So funny.

The girls have been amazed at Jewel (the other chook) who has been gently pulling eggs with her beak, to rest under her belly. She's getting clucky ;)

Meanwhile, in the house, hubby is painting the bathroom ceiling. We are both feeling lethargic. We're up for a few minutes and then need to sit down and do no thing at all - I'm just too busy laughing at everything thats going on. Fantastically lazy :)

The dogs woke up for a feed, expended  energy for a whole 6 minutes in the chook house with the girls, and now they have put themselves back to bed. LOL

I'm surprused the kids have so much energy. We have been going to bed between 11pm and 2am - we just cant seem to sleep. It was 1: 11am this morning when we all went to bed. The girls are noticing number sequences now as well - just started this week.

It's 2:33 pm ~ Friday. Ahhhh - head spinning, body tired, mind can't hold a thought long enough (even having trouble typing this out) hahaha - and its all good!

Now I will drag myself out to chop kindling so we can then light the fire and vegetate on the couch with a movie :)

Absolutely stuffed! - AND LOVING IT!

Whatever it is - BRING IT ON BABY :)

Hope your day is as wonderfully lazy and aware as mine xxxx Take it easy!

~ Kelly