Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creative Home Schooling

Think For Yourselves and Get Creative

Our Art Class With Our Home's Cool Community Group today proved to be a big hit with my girls.
As the children and parents were called in to sit on the grass under the tall gum trees, our lesson began.

Todays "teachers" were Damien and Rach from The Grid Play On Play Workshops in Toowoomba.

The kids had a wide range of boxes, beads, wool, strings, sparkles, papers, scissors, glues, spray paints, drawing stuffs .......... and a MYRIAD of free fallen supplies from Mother Nature Herself :)

The children were given the suggestion to make Christmas decorations. Not necessarily what is seen in the shops for sale, but they were encouraged to look "within" themselves and decide what THEY felt Christmas is all about. After they had decided on a feeling or a thought, they were free to unleash their creativity, gathering fallen leaves and twisted bark and seeds and combining it with art supplies from inside.

Wow! It was an absolute blast! (yes, I had a play too - couldnt resist ;) and the turn out of artistic flair was absolutely awe inspiring. Well done kids and parents ~ and a big thanks to Ken and Susie for organising this and for Damien and Rach for helping us all tap into our creative potential <3


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Someone threw down their weapon today - a poem

The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service ~ Albert Einstein


Someone threw down their weapon today.
They said "no more", and walked away.
A tear was shed and a smile was had
as the person said quietly, "no more bad"
This happened eight thousand miles away
As I sat in my home on this warm Summers day
And I sent out an energy, born of pure love
From Australia to Israel, through heavens above.
Someone threw down their weapon today
As vibrational energies flowed their way
And they opened their eyes and they felt with their heart
And decided today, they would make a new start
And this person, though eight thousand miles away,
Touched another with beautiful words he did say:
"A thought I just had said theres no need to fight
I've been told I must shoot and it doesn't feel right
So I'm walking away from this blood and this fear
And I hope you will join me right now, right here"
And he held out his hand for the person to take
They gazed at each other as around them did shake
And the second man saw in his good friends eyes
That the killings bred only more hate and more lies
So another gun fell as the two men held hands
And they smiled and nodded, their actions felt grand
Then ANOTHER man saw them, the message was shared
From one man to another, all life must be spared
Regardless of where you might live on this Earth
A vibration of Love helps us realise our worth
We are brothers and sisters that may be worlds apart
May we step into Love and ALL live from the Heart
Do what "feels" good, live a passionate life
Put your focus on joy, not on worry or strife
From the hearts in the Earth, from my Soul and above
From Australia, I send you, Dear Reader - Much Love
written by Kelly Flack ~ 18th November 2012 - Peace

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Strange Earth Sound Near Toowoomba

Last night, on 10/11/12 (10 November), at 11:45pm, we heard a VERY strange sound. Anyone else?

We are just outside of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. If you can imagine a very large cow skin Indian drum, being pounded once, it sounded like that with 5 "echoes" after the initial BOOM.

I imagine a rock being thrown into a lake, BOOM, and ripples wave outward.

My husband and I looked at each other as we lay in bed and said "WHAT was that?" It was a sound we have never heard before and a vibration we had never experienced. There was not one location that we could pinpoint the sound to. It was "everywhere" and resonated from the earth herself.

This morning, I rang the police station to see if any reports were filed last night about the strange loud BOOM that we heard. Nothing. But then the police lady goes on to say that she has heard a similar thing in the past and its mind boggling - sounded like it was coming from the earth ..... yep, thats the one alright! Curiouser and curiouser ........

My daughter and I decided to do some more research. We knocked on a few doors around our street to ask about this loud BOOM last night. Interesting! Next door was asleep but said her dog was acting strange all that day, hiding under furniture etc. The kids across the road heard the boom as did the man up the road. A lady down the road was woken by the vibration of it!

I have checked Geoscience Australia and Live earthquake maps but there is nothing. Zero. Zip, Nada. Hmmmmm........... Fascinating :)

Just thought this was worth mentioning is all xxx Be safe ~ Kel



Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our 1st Global Love Letter Deliveries

We had written up some Global Love Letters ( as shown in this previous post ), and what better way to START our very first deliveries of GLOBAL love letters then in

Two different countries
Over one day
At two International Airports
So anyone and everyone
From anywhere and everywhere
around our magnificent planet

could pick up a Global Love Letter for themselves and share the love :)

It was October 15th, 2012, a few weeks ago, and my little family and I, headed to Brisbane International Airport. While we were waiting for our flight, we dropped some Global Love Letters for fellow travellers to find. We couldn't photogrpah every drop as this is an annonymous mission ;)

The first drop that we could take a photo of, was on our international flight in the fold out food tray :)

Letters were also dropped at Rotorua ........
..... Warkworth ........

.......... Auckland Musem .......

 and Whangarei :)

just to name a few places :)

And, since we would only be in New Zealand for 16 days, we left love letters everywhere we went and covered over half of the North Island of New Zealand, between Whangarei and Palmerston North - with Love <3

Now we are back home in Australia ...... time to start delivering the love here too :) Pen and paper out ....  and so the Love Train continues......

All Aboard